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“I believe we are all here to serve with our innate passions and bring joy with our talents. These are some of mine. Enjoy!”

Sandy Bock

pet portrait cat

My Services Statement

In Your Home Pet Sitting Services specializing in the unique needs of pets with anxiety issues, special medical needs, or unusual circumstances. Daily dog walking services and overnight services also available. My compassion for animals, combined with my creative life as an artist, led me to begin offering pet portraits in 2010 when I also began my pet care business in PA. Now in Ohio, I offer traditional art, pet and people portraits, which can now be bought simply as a print or as blank or holiday cards. Contact me if you need care for your fur babies or are interested in keepsake art.

"Sandy has been a godsend to me and my pets. They love the midday visit and I am calm at work knowing they have someone not only just checking in, but giving them snuggles, snacks and a little walk. She’s patient, calm, and flexible with our ever evolving schedule and medicine regime. I can’t say enough good about her service, and her as a person!"​

Kim Green